On NCN1 near Goswick

Our Campaign Group: Better Cycling for Berwick and Beyond

Better Cycling for Berwick and Beyond is the campaign arm of Berwick Cyclists , a group set up to promote cycling in and around Berwick upon Tweed and to campaign for better cycling conditions in the area.  Our aim is to enable cyclists to travel safely to work, school and shopping and enjoy safe recreational trips.  We also aim to develop and promote a first rate offer to visiting cyclists which will lead to a massive boost for the local tourism economy.

We  hope to achieve these aims by developing  comprehensive cycling plans for the area around Berwick.  Our first priority is to bring about the following immediate improvements to the cycle network.

  • The signing and development of a clear and safe cycle route through Berwick Town from Spittal in the south towards Paxton in the north.  
  • The creation of a high quality cycle route from Berwick south to Beal, in particular by providing a hard surface route from Spittal to Cocklawburn and from Goswick to Beal.
  • The creation of safe crossings of the A1 at Letham Shanks ,Cheswick Buildings and East Ord.
  • Provide a safe and continuous traffic free route from Highfields into Berwick Town Centre.


Berwick Sustainable Transport Plan

Tony and others have produced, as part of the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for Berwick, a Sustainable Transport Plan which can be downloaded here.

Sign the petition and support Presumed Liability

A member of our group, Jenny Wallace, was knocked off her bicycle by an overtaking motorist and sustained severe injuries. To find out more about Jenny's accident click on:


If you would like to change the culture on our roads and ensure that vulnerable road users are treated correctly in the event of a road traffic collision, then please sign the Road Share online petition calling for a Member's Bill to introduce Presumed Liability between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians at: