Other Groups

There are other groups in and around Berwick that cater for cyclists. 

Monday Morning Ride Club

The Monday Morning Ride Club is an informal group of cyclists who enjoy a ride out together on Monday Mornings.

There are no formal membership requirements, other than owning a bike and having the ability to cycle between 20 to 30 miles at a steady pace.

Members take turns to organise a route which  generally start at a point within a 15 mile radius of Berwick with a view to exploring the miles of quiet country roads in North Northumberland and Berwickshire.

One coffee stop midway round the chosen route is always factored into the rides. Members can ride as many or as few times as suits them.

If you want to take part send a message to monday-morning-ride-club@googlegroups.com asking to join the Club. Your email address will be added to the Club's email group.  You will then be circulated with details of each ride and can join in the discussion.  

Puffin Cycling

Puffin Cycling is a social cycling group who meet up a couple of times a week. No membership is required and the group rules are simple to follow. 

We all look out for each other and no one is left behind. 

We currently average around 30 cyclists on our Sunday rides and generally split into a 15 Group (based on the average speed) a 13 Group and a Café Group (no consideration for speed, fun only)  with each group having a ride leader and a back marker to make sure the pace is adjusted as required. If you are tempted out please check out our Facebook Page (@puffincycling) for the latest rides.

Berwick Wheelers

Berwick Wheelers cater for sport cyclists of all abilities.  More information is available at: